Founded 1902
"Together Through Christ We Worship"

Church Background & Important Facts

Fellowship Hall
Fellowship Hall

Purpose - It shall be the purpose of the church to establish in this community, a Christian congegration for the worship of God, the winning of the unchurched for Christ, the promotion of the Christian life, and the advancement of the Kingdom of God by all available means, both at home and abroad.

Doctrine - We acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the only hope of salvation for any man, as confirmed in scripture (John 14:6 and Acts 4:12). We recognize and accept the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testament as containing the infallible word of God and as the final authority standard for Christian faith and practice.

Hazell family

Dustin Searles - youth pastor

Dustin Searles (youth pastor) and Hannah Searles

Ministries and Missions Supported

United Church of Tishomingo
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